Remote Host - IDE Settings are not synced when using gitrepository


I have a managed my IDE Settings by gitrepository.

I have two differnt PHPStorm version (managed by Toolbox): 

2021.3 EAP


When I Sync Settings with Repository => Overwrite Local

in the 2021.3 EAP Version

the Remote-Server-Settings are not updated.

So, why are they not updated?




Settings Repository only syncs what's located in idea.config.path, partially.

the Remote-Server-Settings are not updated.

Please be a little bit more specific, which settings exactly do you mean here?



in my „Remote-Host Window“, there are some hosts defined.

I do the following:

=> File => Mamange IDE Settings => Settings Repository

and choose „Overwrite Remote“

So I see, there is a new commit in my gitRepository. The file „webServer.xml“ has my remote-hosts.

If I use another PHP-Storm installation (same computerm, but other version, or other computer), and I choose „Overwrite Local“ (same repository), the Remote Hosts are not present in this IDE.

How can I copy all my Remote Hosts to another installation of PHP-Storm?
Sometime, when I update the IDE, the Remote – Hosts are gone, too. But they are still in the settings-repository. I tryed it with sync settings-repository, but even thought the sync is „successfully“, the remote-hosts are not synced.

By the way:

If I go this way:

... there is no different


Could you please check if you have these deployment hosts set to "Visible only for this project"?


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