Webstorm can't import Pycharm Keyboard custom settings ...

Hey programmers out there!

I tried first to sync all my ide's settings via a jetbrains account from Pycharm into Webstorm.

My main goal is to configure once all my keyboard settings in Pycharm and use them as well in Webstorm.

Syncing via built in options did not work. I set to copy all settings from Pycharm into the cloud and with Webstorm I chose to download all those settings without success. A simple keyboard binding for duplicating lines = [⌘ + T]  got not transferd. 

If i look into Webstorms keymaps there are shown different keyboard settings like [macOS, macOs VS Code, Windows, etc ...] 

But I can't find my custom keyboard scheme which I created on Pycharm which is named [MacOS copy].

Therefore it does not work this concrete binding in Webstorm.

I double checked if both ide's have the same function in the same category! Both have the ability to duplicate lines and they are even in the same subcategory/subfolder.


Then I tried to go simple, and simply export Pycharms Keyboard Schemes and after import them into Webstorm.

Quick restart of the program and look into the keyboard schemes but no [MacOS duplicate] is findable ... :(


Is there any chance to get this to work?

Best thing would be if I could do this via jetbrains sync option.

I've made a ton of changes into my custom keyboard schema and I would like to use the same schema in Webstorm.


I hope I could write this in a understandable way,

if you have any further questions don't hestitate to contact me!

Kind regards from Italy,

and thanks for this great piece of Software! :)

Daniel Oberlechner


IDE settings sync does not work across different IDE types:( And I'm not sure if Manage IDE Settings > Export Settings will export your actual settings (the ones from the account) and not the "local" ones:(

Seems some manual work is required... When the settings sync is enabled, the local copy of account settings is stored in jba_config directory under config folder, and the IDE loads settings from this folder. Your settings from JetBrains Account are locally stored in ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/PyCharm<version>/jba_config; you can copy keymaps folder from this folder to your WebStorm configuration directory (as you have Settings Sync enabled there as well, the settings are also read/written to ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/WebStorm<version>/jba_config , so you hav to copy settings to this folder)


Elena Pogorelova

Thank you very much, this solution worked for me!

I went to Pycharms jba_config folder and copied:

mac.keymaps (is a directory)

mac.keymap.xml (file)

into the same path of Pycharm and now my custom keyboard shortcut scheme gets acknowledged by Webstorm.

This was everything I was asking for! Thank you so much for solving this issue for me! I'm 100% sure you helped also a lot of other people which may experience the same problem. 

Firstly I tried to google and also double check this forum for a solution, but no chance.


You are a member from the jetbrains company, right?

Is there any plan for the future to make it possible to crosssync all "possible" settings via different IDE's?


For example I write my Python Django Code via Pycharm, but Pycharm is missing some Web development Features thus I've also Webstorm installed. And it would be a really clean experience if the IDE's have the same settings, that one can crosssync them via all.


To me that would make perfectly sense, am I wrong or do I miss a point?

Kind regards,

by Daniel :)



For example I write my Python Django Code via Pycharm, but Pycharm is missing some Web development Features thus I've also Webstorm installed.

Please name those features.

I'm asking because PyCharm Pro is basically a WebStorm + Python + DB support (just like PhpStorm = WebStorm + PHP + DB) and you can just install all extra plugins manually.



Modern web applications have grown complex with sophisticated JavaScript frameworks and tools. PyCharm Professional bundles WebStorm, giving best-in-class client-side development.


>Is there any plan for the future to make it possible to crosssync all "possible" settings via different IDE's?

We are now working on a new unified solution that will work via JB account but allow sharing all settings between all IDEs.

Here is the request to follow https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-198857


Andriy Bazanov

Hey, thanks for your answer!

At this moment I can't really remember, why exactly I downloaded Webstorm instead of using only Pycharm Professional. 

There was something. I think there was a problem with Javascript and I thought Jetbrains wants you to buy/use Webstorm instead of Pycharm for this issue. But right now I look into Pycharm and I can see that I can create JS, CSS, HTML etc. files. I really can't remember why I downloaded Webstorm.


But thank you for showing me that I really don't need it when I already use Pycharm Professional.

I will now migrate my Python Project with it's Website to Pycharm and all in the same folder, no more 2 different projects!

Thanks for helping me out getting on the right track! :)

Really kind regards & Greets from Italy,

Daniel Oberlechner :)


Elena Pogorelova

Thank you so much for this helpful information, I will keep an eye onto this onto this feature requests! Thank you very much! :)



Now I can remember why I downloaded Webstorm.

I previously only used Pycharm Community Edition, and there are a lot of limitations. There I think you only have basically Python Support but no Webdevelopment am I right? Therefore I tried to use Pycharm Community Edition + Webstorm. 

And after a while I upgrade to Pycharm Professional.

That was the reason!


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