Do you provide something similar to "Eclipse Platform" - let's say pure "JetBrains Platform" installer/zip?



Let's assume that we develop plugin for either IntelliJ & CLion and the core/common part should be compiled/verified against something like core "JetBrains Platform" without e.g. Java or C++ extensions. Is there built and provided to developers such installer/package?

(Eclipse does it, provides Eclipse Platform zip, ~90MB so, our core functionality can be verified with such minimal "target platform" without providing whole Eclipse JDT, Eclipse CDT)



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Yes and no. Technically, there is no separate distribution of IJ Platform as such.



The IntelliJ Platform is not a product in and of itself but provides a platform for building IDEs. It is used to power JetBrains products such as IntelliJ IDEA. It is also Open Source and can be used by third parties to build IDEs, such as Android Studio from Google.

But it is possible to build plugins that work across multiple IDEs (e.g., IntelliJ IDEA and CLion) by restricting to features available in all supported products, or by making IDE-specific features an "optional" part of the plugin. See

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Thank you for your answer and the information!


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