PHPStorm & WebStorm / React / Code completion in style prop stop working


I just noticed that the code completion in PHPStorm 2021.2.2 for css attributes in the style props of react element stop working. In the past phpstorm showed me suggestions. Same in a new WebStorm installation


For know I tried different approches to fix this. But seams like nothing help. (see Screens)

  • I tried to install @types/react and @types/css inside the Project
  • Installed @types/react and @types/css as global Libraries (Settings: Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript > Libraries)
  • Installed Styled Components & Styled JSX Plugin
  • Tried to start a plain new project through create-react-app
  • Installed plain new trail version of Webstorm 

Found similar Topics regarding this (but older Versions):


Anything what i could do? 










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Seams like it stopped working with the upgrade to 2021.2.x. 

I just checked with 2021.1.4 and there is still working. :(


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