Get Rid of File Background Color in Project Pane

Where in the world is this green background around my files coming from?  I installed the Material UI Lite themes but I don't think that is doing this.  I can't find anywhere in prefs where I can turn that background off.


Hi there,

Those are unusual/unknown to me colors (mainly because one is very bright (and stands out too much) and there appears to be 2 different colors there).

As a start point: please Disable Material Theme UI plugin, restart the IDE and check again -- do such colors persist (they can be different but still be present)?

If no -- well, this means that they were brought in by that plugin.

If the color is still there -- check your settings at "Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | File Colors" -- can be "Test sources" one  --


I've used Material UI plugin many times and never has it done this.  It was in File Colors, but Material has never set that to Green. Odd. Thank you.


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