Use file not called "Makefile" as a Makefile

I have a Makefile that's a wrapper for docker make commands, and it uses an internal makefile called Makefile.Int to actually execute the commands. When CLion loads the "Makefile" it doesn't find any compilation commands and is unable to index and tag files. If I use the internal file everything works (when that file is renamed to Makefile).

Short of duplicating that internal makefile and calling it Makefile in a separate folder for Clion's benefit, is there any other way to force it to use the internal makefile?

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If you want to use a nonstandard name for your makefile, you can specify the makefile name with the ' -f ' or ' --file ' option. The arguments ' -f name ' or ' --file= name ' tell make to read the file name as the makefile.

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