react native console.log output not going to debug console


I am making a react native app and awhile back all of my console.log statements have stopped printing out in the Debugger console window. Instead they are appearing in a separate window titled react-native-start. Is there a way to get the console.log statements to appear back in the debug console window? I am on Intellij IDEA 2021.2.2 (Ultimate Edition).

this first picture shows where I expect and want the output to show with the highlights


this second picture shows where it is printing to instead



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Works fine for me:

what does your code look like? 'react-native start' command logging goes to the react-native-start tab, but console.log() calls in the app code are piped into the Console tab

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Well, I am not sure how I did this, but if you disable remote debugging in the react native debug menu (the menu you have to shake to open) it stops the console.log() messages from appearing in the Console tab. I don't even remember pressing that option but apparently I did at some point. I re-pressed the debug option and console.log() messages are now appearing in the Console tab. sorry for taking up your time on this one


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