Find stopped working in one project and never shows resuls

I am using Webstorm 2021.2.2 on mac

I am using cmd + shift + F to find in path.

I write the text to find ( in whole project) and there are NO results.

When I use it in another project it works fine.

I have already tried invalidate caches to no avail.


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Hi there,

Please show how you Project View panel looks -- does it has the yellowish background on many/all files etc?

Do you have other unusual issues in this project?

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Somehow the problem has resolved itself.

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I am having the problem again and most of my files have a yellowish background.


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@Mike Hollibaugh

Is it under VCS and you recently got the fresh code fetched from VCS?

Based on your description (yellowish background) it sounds that the IDE treats those files as "outside of the project". Could be due to the conflict (bad content) in .idea/modules.xml file (e.g. module points to another path/folder name due to sharing it via VCS) or some another kind of project config corruption.


  1. Close project in the IDE so you are on the Welcome screen
  2. Local and delete that project from the recent project screen (can be optional)
  3. Exit the IDE
  4. Go to that project root folder and backup and delete .idea subfolder (this project settings)
  5. Launch the IDE again
  6. Open that project again (may need to use "Open" and point to the project root, especially if you did #2) -- the IDE will make a new project from the existing files
  7. If it works -- you may copy some of the config files from the backup (while project is closed in the IDE of course)

Does it work correct now? I suggest you compare content of the modules.xml with backup copy and see if it has any difference (that may tell/hint you what happened)


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