Dart plugin: tests failing


After following the Dart plugin instructions, on running the Dart tests with master branch, some tests fail.


I also noticed that the plugin won't compile unless "intellij.platform.ide.util.netty" module is added to "Dart-community.iml", which may hint I am not using correct versions.


Appreciate your feedback.



- intellij-community `master`

- intellij-plugins/dart `master`

- SDK from its `main`

For example:



import 'dart:math';

main() {
new Random();


main() {
  new Random();


The failing tests:


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Dart-community.iml may be not up-to-date, I'll have a look and fix it. Versions are correct if you are using IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.x; 2021.3 EAP should be fine as well.

Some test failures are expected, just make sure not to break more when you test your changes. I'll see if we can make more tests green. Note that failures depend on the Dart SDK version. The latest stable is recommended.

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