How do I turn off text highlighting in the terminal?

Whenever I use the bash terminal, it gives me this ugly grey highlight over what I type that makes it hard to read. I've tried changing the theme and it doesn't solve the issue, anyone know how to fix this?



Do you use any UI plugin? Please try disabling it. 

If this is a plugin's issue, please refer the request to its vendor. 



Go to Settings... -> Tools -> Terminal and uncheck the option "Run Commands using IDE"


You can also do Settings ... -> Editor -> Color Scheme -> Console Colors -> Terminal -> Command to run using IDE and there you can either change the Background color to something less awful, or disable it all together. 

Or alternative you can press Shift+Shift then type "command to run" and it will take you to the same place.

Bottom line is this: the highlighting is done by your theme, and the color of it is changed 👆


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