How do I turn off text highlighting in the terminal?

Whenever I use the bash terminal, it gives me this ugly grey highlight over what I type that makes it hard to read. I've tried changing the theme and it doesn't solve the issue, anyone know how to fix this?


Go to Settings... -> Tools -> Terminal and uncheck the option "Run Commands using IDE"



Do you use any UI plugin? Please try disabling it. 

If this is a plugin's issue, please refer the request to its vendor. 



You can also do Settings ... -> Editor -> Color Scheme -> Console Colors -> Terminal -> Command to run using IDE and there you can either change the Background color to something less awful, or disable it all together. 

Or alternative you can press Shift+Shift then type "command to run" and it will take you to the same place.

Bottom line is this: the highlighting is done by your theme, and the color of it is changed 👆


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