Functionalities disabled overnight

I started working with my PyCharm IDE and realized 3 changes has happened :


1. My todo and fixme comments are just regular comments

2. Python interpreter has disappeared from bottom right although when I right+click it is checked.

3. When I ctrl+click on functions from a package I'm using, instead of taking me to the function's definition, it says "Cannot find declaration to go to".

Note that I did not close my IDE yesterday and IDE runs my program without an issue. What is the possible cause and how to fix them?

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Does the issue reproduce in a new clean project? 

Could you please provide screenshots of your project structure settings?

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Andrey Resler Thanks for the comment. I have found a solution. The problem was that the .idea folder was broken for some reason. I did restart the IDE and re-opened the project, but no luck. I opened a new project and all functionalities were there. Also, the files in my "project window" had a yellow highlight. So I reasoned that there should be a problem with the project setting. I removed .idea file and recreated the project and everything was working just fine.


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