Get all selected changes from non-modal commit interface.


I want to get access to all changes selected (included) in non-modal commit interface. See the attached image as a reference. I have tried it numerous times, browsing the source code, but did not succeed. Ultimatively, it would be great if I could get a revision content of file (like in Change.beforeRevision.content) and a new content of changed file, only with selected (included) changes.

For example, in the attached image, the file has been changed in two places, one of them is included, the other is not. I want to get two contents of this file, one without any changes, and the second one with included changes.

This question was already somewhat answered on support, and I was redirected here.

Right now I am trying to implement this code:


But I was told that "... there are a few things that should be taken into account in order to make it work."


>there are a few things that should be taken into account in order to make it work
There are no explicit API to get this information so far. But one can combine multiple calls to get it.

Yes, this can be used as an example.

There's no context specified, so I assume you're accessing this data from `CheckinHandler` using `CheckinProjectPanel#getSelectedChanges`.

Generally, when thinking about "what will be committed", things may work in three modes:
1) Just a plain old commit ("commit as it is on disk").
2) Commit via Git staging area.
3) Commit using changelists or checkboxes (as shown on the screenshot)

For (1) and (2) it's enough to use `change.getAfterRevision()?.getContent()`.

For (3) `Change` will be an instance of `ChangeListChange` that references committed changelist.
It can be used in `PartialChangesUtil.getPartialTracker(myProject, change)` to get an instance of `PartialLocalLineStatusTracker`.
If it is not null and `hasPartialChangesToCommit() == true`, file will be committed partially.
In this case, `tracker.handlePartialCommit(Side.LEFT, Collections.singletonList(((ChangeListChange)change).getChangeListId()), true).getContent()` can be used to get content that will be committed.
Otherwise, `tracker.getPartialCommitContent` can be used to get "HEAD content", "Local content" and list of changed lines between them, that are going to be committed (this can be used to construct "To be committed content").


Following reasonable question, yes it makes sense to fix platform for `change.getAfterRevision()?.getContent()` to work as expected n all 3 cases.
There must have been a reason, why it was had not been done in the first place. But I'm not sure, which one.


Aleksey Pivovarov thank you very much for an exhaustive answer. I tried it out and it actually works!
I have been trying to do it for quite some time, this part of API is really complex to get around.

Now I can get the HEAD changes and locally accepted (selected by user in non-modal dialog) changes. But I did not find this method:


Maybe I am using an old version of git4Idea plugin. But it is enough for now.

Thank you again!


Aleksey Pivovarov

pluginVersion = 0.1.0
pluginSinceBuild = 202
pluginUntilBuild = 211.*
pluginVerifierIdeVersions = 2020.2.4, 2020.3.4, 2021.1.1

platformType = IC
platformVersion = 2020.2.4
platformDownloadSources = true
platformPlugins =, git4idea, com.intellij.platform.images

I will try to update right now.


Aleksey Pivovarov, updating to newer version of platform helped. Now I can use the 


Thank you!


Hello, I'm trying to detect if a file was fully or partially committed (checklist - one of the changes excluded). PartialLocalLineStatusTracker.hasPartialChangesToCommit() seems always returning value of FALSE regardless of what I'm committing (entire file / part of the file). Do you know any other way to determine if a file was partially or fully committed? Or maybe a clue on why I'm receiving always FALSE there?


Sorry, no clue why 'hasPartialChangesToCommit' doesn't work for you. The other way would be 'getExcludedFromCommitState' (which is more precise status), but they're using the same data.

Do you theck its value *after* the commit (CheckinHandler.checkinSuccessful or similar callbacks)?


Yes, I do it in checkinSuccessful. Turns out it behaves as expected in non-modal commit interface, but in the old "modal" interface it is always returning False. Is there a way to detect it regardless of chosen commit interface? 


No, at this point the knowledge is already lost. (Looks like a data race with 'invokeLater' lets you read it sometimes - but it's not a feature).
Probably, you can remember the state in 'CheckinHandler.beforeCheckin' into a field and check it in 'checkinSuccessful'.


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