CLion cannot add cmd + c as shortcut

Hi, I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and CLion 2021.2.2. Since most of the shortcuts are bound with the Cmd key rather than the Ctrl key. But in CLion most shortcuts are Ctrl based. I tried to change my frequently used shortcuts from "Ctrl-" to "Cmd-":

In "File -> Setting -> Appearance & Behavior -> Keymap "

I choose my keymap scheme as "XWin". 

I can add "Cmd + v" to the "paste" shortcut by searching for "paste" -> right click on "paste" -> choose "Add KeyBoard Shortcut" -> press "Cmd + v" on my keyboard.

Sorry, my screenshot is not very clean, but you can see "Meta+V" (Cmd+v) is added to "Paste" shortcut. 

But if I tried to do the same to "Copy", CLion cannot detect "Cmd+c/Meta+c". 

CLion doesn't react to "Cmd+c", but to other combinations like "Cmd+b", "Cmd+x", they all work, just not "Cmd + c".

I wonder why? And how do you make CLion adapts to mac keybroad? I don't want to modify keys in System Preference. Thank you!



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