Can't bind to [(ngModule)] since it is not provided by any applicable directives

So i getting this error in the IDE(however i have FormsModule imported), on running localhost everything works fine, it don't show any error. The same error i get on ngClass. Also it doesn't give a hint on autocomplite, deleting node_modules helps, but after ng serve problem returns.


What IDE and Angular versions do you work with?


Elena Pogorelova I'm using WebStorm, Angular 12.2.10 and Node 15.8.0.
Just updated to a newer version and looks like problem fixed


Same problem here with Goland version 2023.1 angular 16.0.0 and node 18.15.0


We are not aware of such issues in 2023.1

If the issue persists after caches invalidation, please share a sample project that reproduces it within a support ticket


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