WebStorm doesn't recognize dependency updates

Websotrm keeps prompring me to update my dependencies via `yarn install`.

I `yarn intall` and the prompt goes away then reappears.

Looking at my `package.json` some packages have their version marked with a warning (yellow), and the hover prompt says the installed version is different than the one requested in the `package.json`.

But how can that be? I just `yarn install`ed multiple time!

So I go ahead and `yarn info` some of these packages and obviously, they are up to date, everything is fine. It is just Webstorm that for some reason doesn't see the updated dependecies.


For example:

In `package.json`:

"dependencies": {
"mobx": "6.3.5"

Is marked as not up to date:

The installed version "mobx@6.3.3" doesn't match the version range "6.3.5"

But when running `yarn info mobx`:

version: '6.3.5'

I tried invalidating the cache but that didn't help.

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What Yarn version do you use? Must be https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-34196, that is caused by wrong mtime of updated files


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