Python dependency blocks my plugin from marketplace


I'm trying to get the marketplace to let users install the latest version of my plugin in IDEs other than PyCharm. Can anyone help me understand why it's not working?

In 2019, I asked how to make my plugin available in the marketplace for more IDEs than just PyCharm when my plugin depends on the Python plugin. At the end of that conversation, I was told to use <depends>com.intellij.modules.python</depends>, and any IDE would find my plugin in the marketplace. IDEs besides PyCharm would even know to install the Python plugin as well.

I tried changing my dependency to follow that advice, but now the marketplace only shows the old version of my plugin from before I changed the dependency. In PyCharm, I still see the latest version of my plugin, but CLion, for example, only shows the old version.

For full details, the old version had these dependencies:

<depends optional="true">com.intellij.modules.python</depends>
<depends optional="true">PythonCore</depends>

I replaced those with this:


My plugin is Live Coding in Python, and the old version that shows up is 2.25.1. The latest version is 4.4.0.

Thanks for supporting open-source development.


Hey, Don!

Your dependencies are set correctly. Unfortunately, it turned out that for CLion and DataSpell didn't discover Python dependency, but we have already fixed this.

Now your plugin shows up correctly for these IDEs as well.

Regarding others like WebStorm, they don't support Python (it's not available for these IDEs), so your plugin will not be able to install. See for more details.


Thanks Jakub Chrzanowski, CLion can now install the latest version of my plugin!

I don't know if it's related, but within minutes of your comment, I got a compatibility report complaining that com.intellij.modules.python is not in PhpStorm 2021.1.4 or IDEA IU-212.3724.25 and IU-212.4037.9.

Are those problems with the metadata for those releases, or do I need to declare that my plugin isn't compatible with them?


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