webpack-cli error

PS C:\Users\MUHAMMED ACIBALIK\WebstormProjects\JavaScriptLearn\ModullerProject> npm run start

> modullerproject@1.0.0 start
> webpack-dev-server --output-public-path=/bundles/ --mode development --open --hot

[webpack-cli] Invalid options object. Dev Server has been initialized using an options object that does not match t
he API schema.
- options has an unknown property 'index'. These properties are valid:
object { allowedHosts?, bonjour?, client?, compress?, devMiddleware?, headers?, historyApiFallback?, host?, hot?
, http2?, https?, ipc?, liveReload?, magicHtml?, onAfterSetupMiddleware?, onBeforeSetupMiddleware?, onListening?, o
pen?, port?, proxy?, setupExitSignals?, static?, watchFiles?, webSocketServer? }


how do i solve this error

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Looks like your webpack configuration file has to be changed, as it's format is not compatible with webpack-cli version you are using

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Thank you Elena Pogorelova you saved me a lot of trouble


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