Remote Development SSH Without Downloading Files

My job does not allow me to have any source files on my machine. All files must remain on the server. Right now I am able to work using VS Code and their Remote - SSH plugin but I hate it.

Is there any way I can use PhpStorm in a way that does not copy the files from the remote server?

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Hi there,

Not really.

  • Even if you use Remote Edit functionality the IDE still needs to download the file into the local temp folder first in order to open it for you.
  • If you need code completion for your own code -- the IDE must index those files. Indexing requires (fast) access to the source + actually reading the file.

Perhaps you can try a file system that can work over SSH? Note: it will be slow, especially for initial indexing / on project startup...


P.S. There is a Projector project that allows running whole IDE on the server side and access it even via browser ... but that's a bit different beast... Have a look anyway:

A few articles (in Russian though, Google Translate should be enough to have an overall understanding of how it works):


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