How to downgrade IntelliJ to older version?


I have intelliJ 12 30day free programming introduced with whole task arrangement and running ; presently I have a permit gotten from my organization and it isn't permitting to enroll; then, at that point, acknowledged it is a permit of intelliJ 11 rendition; please lemme realize steps to minimization to intelliJ 11. Like running a fix for sure is the arrangement?






Appreciate for help


Why are you using such old versions?

You can download the zip versions and run as many versions alongside each other as you like.


I found this thread through google, and I just through I'd add that, well, JB decided to remove a feature I depend on (Manual grouping of Maven Modules). Also, they broke compatibility with older maven versions with the latest upgrades, so I CAN no longer use the new versions. And upgrading Maven is not an option cause that breaks local repositories, and manually injected artifacts will have to be re-added, which might not be possible.


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