Unfocus console output.


Hey everyone, 

While i am running a heap of some one-by-one performing actions, like several hundreds updates, I want to use another console to do other stuff.
But when I switch console, i am still getting update transactions data from previous console and even if I have some results returned from second console, it is overwritten by first console output in a second.

How can I unfocus data output from the first console and get it only when I come to this console again?

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Evgeniy Sirenko,

You can do the following:

1. Go to Preferences | Database | General and set Show Services tool window for query console output to For errors and result sets (or whatever you want)

2. For "another console to do other stuff" enable In-editor Results


Is it working solution for you?

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Also here is [feature request] to change this behavior, please follow and vote.

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vasily chernov

Thank you, but what version are you using? Mine is 

DataGrip 2020.1
Build #DB-201.6668.99, built on April 6, 2020

And I do not have this option:

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Evgeniy Sirenko  yes it was added in latest release 2021.3, please update.


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