Remove PHPStorm and do it as WebStorm + plugins

Hi all,
Please remove PHPStorm and do it as WebStorm + two paid plugins (DB + PHP). Also, the bundle should be available at the same price as the PHPStorm standalone app.
As I understand many web developers want it, because they actually need PHP from time to time, not always and they don't want to pause theirs WebStorm subscription (actually they can't, we only can upgrade the WebStorm licence to PHPStorm, but we can't downgrade back). It will be so clear and useful to install paid plugins to WebStorm when you really need them. Because PHP language is also a web sphere, WebStorm should cover it according to the name of the product. PHPStorm users will miss nothing, the PHPStorm license bundle (WebStorm+DB+PHP, not the standalone app) should be available at the same price.

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Hello Viktor, thank you for the suggestion. At the moment we don't have such plans. We believe that providing a good out-of-the-box experience is one of the biggest benefits of JetBrains IDEs and we can currently only provide that for PHP and related technologies with PhpStorm as a stand-alone product.

WebStorm provides basic code highlighting for PHP which can help to browse PHP code when needed. 


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