Why don't use limit number as page size when limit exist in code ?


Great tools, but I have a problem with the page size feature, generally, it works like a charm, 500 limit is fine.

but If the data has 700 lines and I want to see them at once, it can't be done except I change or disable page size in settings. I need to run the search twice to get the result. (first time the 500, second select all or higher number in page size.)

also, even the LIMIT can't affect page size, when users write:

SELECT * from table LIMIT 1000;

I think they knew what they are doing and what to expect. so I don't think still using page size when LIMIT exists is a good idea. or is there any other reason for this?

will be amazing if this can be fixed.


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Here is related feature request, please follow and vote.

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Thank you for directing me to the feature request. but I find that the request is sent 9 months ago. is there any news? how much vote number do we need to get to have some attention?

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It does not look very popular, right? We have much more important tasks to complete at the moment...

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got your point.

but I think, using editor page size setting to override a query command LIMIT is more like a bug thing than a feature request, don't you think.

thanks again for your hard work, looking forward to seeing this feature soon.


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