pycharm remote interpreter broken pipe

Hi all,

I'm trying to work with wandb and pycharm on remote server using remote interpreter. I think my problem is related to wandb but I'm not sure.

I followed this guide to run wandb on the remote server and ran the following command to start a container:

docker run --rm -d -v wandb:/vol -p 8080:8080 --name wandb-local wandb/local

Then I tried to run a remote debugging but got the following error:

Error running 'test_mmvf': While creating remote tunnel for SshjSshConnection(<user>@<HOST>)@64b59d4e: localhost:55136 == localhost:36553: Broken pipe (Write failed)

I understand that the ports are not equal but I don't know how to fix this. Side note when running commands on python console everything works as expected, same when using "Run" mode. In addition, when testing the deployment's configuration connectivity is works fine.

Removing the pycharm helpers from the server didn't help.

Please help.


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PyCharm's debugger uses random port from ephemeral port range, (unfortunately it's not possible to customize). The whole port range must be open in your firewall. Also, AllowTcpForwarding must be set to Yes in the sshd config on the remote server.

That said, Docker on the remote host is not supported natively in PyCharm, so if you solve the network issue, please also make sure to follow the workarounds from


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