Inspection with runForWholeFile=true: Clear existing problems



I write a inspection which depends on multiple PsiElements which can be located somewhere in the PsiFile/PsiClass.

It is something similar like the FieldCanBeLocalInspection.

So my inspection returns true in com.intellij.codeInspection.LocalInspectionTool#runForWholeFile

Register problem is not my problem. The problem is that already registered problems are not cleared when necessary.

I try to explain my inspection and use-case a bit more:

My inspection calls ProblemsHolder.registerProblem for a specific PsiJavaToken element (a simple string literal element)

because the word 'test' does not exist in the whole file (PsiFile/PsiClass).

Now, the user edits somewhere in the same file a javadoc (PsiComment) and writes the word 'test'.

The already registered problems must now be cleared.

How I am doing that?

Both PsiElements can be located in completely different locations.



Please show your inspection's implementation. Did you also specify runForWholeFile=true in plugin.xml registration?



No I have not specify runForWholeFile in the plugin.xml (seems also not possible since the property i not in com.intellij.codeInspection.InspectionEP).

Please find below a reproducer. This inspection will mark every java token with a warning.

Now type somehere the code the word 'test'. For exmaple in the file javadoc header.

The warings are not cleared.


plugin.xml entry

<localInspection language="JAVA" shortName="DemoInspection" displayName="Demo Inspection"
groupName="Demo" enabledByDefault="true" level="WARNING"


public class DemoInspection extends AbstractBaseJavaLocalInspectionTool {

public PsiElementVisitor buildVisitor( ProblemsHolder holder, boolean isOnTheFly ) {
return new JavaElementVisitor() {
public void visitClass( PsiClass aClass ) {
super.visitClass( aClass );
if ( aClass.getContainingFile().getText().toLowerCase( Locale.ROOT ).contains( "test" ) ) {
System.out.println( "File contains 'test'" );
System.out.println( "Check file..." );
aClass.accept( new JavaRecursiveElementWalkingVisitor() {
public void visitJavaToken( final PsiJavaToken token ) {
super.visitJavaToken( token );
System.out.println( "Register problem" );
holder.registerProblem( token, "Demo Inspection: This token is reported because the file does not contain the literal 'test'", ProblemHighlightType.WARNING );
} );

public SuppressQuickFix[] getBatchSuppressActions( PsiElement element ) {
return SuppressQuickFix.EMPTY_ARRAY;

public boolean runForWholeFile() {
return true;

Thanks for the sample, reproduced. It works as expected after adding runForWholeFile="true" to <localInspection...> registration in plugin.xml. Investigating.


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