How do I cycle through search results in the Files Panel


Before I start I want to preface this with the fact that I have been using JetBrains "Idea" style apps (WebStorm, Idea, Resharper especially) for almost 20 years. I swear by them and have literally recommended them to 100's of people. Not having an answer to this won't change that. I will never let go of my Resharper. It's literally the best tool I've ever used and would be lost without it.

So here's my issue. I work at a company where they think having subdirectories is stupid so they have like 3 directories with a file for every single stored procedure they have. I have tried to argue against this but in 7 years have had zero luck. They just don't care.

So I get one directory for each database and each one has between 100 and over 300 files in it. I have mapped those directories to their respective databases but they also insist on naming the files differently than the stored procedures so there is no easy way to get to a file from the stored procedure on the database (or at least I have yet to figure out how to do so).

I have to search through the Files panel a LOT. Since the Files panel is right there and has a list of all of my files it seems natural that I would just search that. I know that there is a separate window I can open to search for everything under the sun but I just want a file and I know the name of it. So naively I hit Ctrl-F in the Files Pane and type a filename.

Here is my experience:

  • It highlights all filenames as long as they have all of those letters in same order with no preference for if they are adjacent to each other. In other words if I type "test" in the search box, not only is dbo.AddTimeEntry.StoredProcedure.sql a legit search result but it shows up as the first highlighted option, even though I have several files with "test" in the filename. 
  • It does not filter out the files that don't match the search string
  • F3, the magic key that every other app I use allows me to cycle through search results, does nothing.

So ok, if you want to show me file names that have the same letters in the same order, I can totally see that being handy. But considering how many files I'm dealing with couldn't you please show preferential highlighting to the ones that match more closely, like having all of the letters adjacent to each other? Also why can't we use F3, successive Ctrl-F, or heck, any key to cycle through the highlighted results? I have not found a key-binding that allows me to do this at all. Is there one? The docs have unfortunately been no help to me with this.

If I am just missing something please tell me. I am 100% willing to believe that this is user error. I have been using DataGrip for about 2 years now but it's the first JB app that has baffled me like this since I first taught myself how to use Idea in 2003 (when I had like 2 months experience with Java and, since I was coming from C++, didn't even know what intellisense was!).

I am a full-stack software developer with a focus on Web UX and have been for over 10 years. Before that I spent 14 years writing customer oriented desktop apps in C++, Java and C#. As such, I am very familiar with the concept of "astonishing" behavior (ie behavior that just doesn't make sense to the user or is contrary to expected behavior). By that definition, F3 not cycling through search results and search not highlighting exact or near exact matches first are both "astonishing" to me. 

That's it. I look forward to your response.


Chris White
Creatorpult Games


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F3 = down arrow.

Here is feature request for showing only matched objects in database explorer, probably we can create the same for Files explorer.

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Thank you. I will keep an eye on the feature request you mentioned.




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