how do you rename a clion project directory

It does not seem possible to change the name of a clion project directory. Clion seems to keep some project settings outside of the project in some unknow location, since when I rename the directory, and change all the references in the .idea directory,upon opening clion, it has a bunch of files that are in the old directory, even though that no longer exists, and there is no longer any reference to the old directory anywhere.

How does clion still know about the old directory? The only conclusion i can come to is that clion stores some of the project settings externally to the actual directory.Why is it such a nightmare to do such a simple task . This takes me 30 seconds in qtcreator. In clion, 24 hours and still no solution.

The root problem is that clion has overcomplicated everything by storing full paths everywhere, instead of relative paths like qtcreator


upon checking, I see that some project settings are stord in .config/JetBrains/workspace

This is insanity - it means that a project is forever tied to the exact computer is was created on, and half the project settings can't go into source control.

JetBrains - I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, your project model is broken and needs a complete redesign from the ground up,


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