Cannot Launch Angular Project in 2021.2.3

While I have been developing in everything from C/C++ to Python to .NET, this is my first foray into Angular.  WebStorm came highly recommended for development on my Windows 10 Pro desktop.

While I can use ng serve in the Terminal to launch the application, that does not appear to enable debugging given the lack of breakpoints being hit.  I have tried Shift F9 and Shift F10 but neither one does anything.

I am sure this is something inane such as selecting the correct file/folder in order to launch but nothing works no matter what I attempt.

Can somebody please help me out?

Thank you!

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To debug Angular application, you need using JavaScript Debug run configuration with your server URL (usually http://localhost:4200/ if the app is served by ng serve) :

  • create a JavaScript Debug run configuration
  • start the app (either in terminal or using the NPM run configuration)
  • once the app is up and running, debug the JavaScript Debug run configuration



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