Which IDE should I use to work on web3 stack (solidity / typescript)


I am a long time user of PyCharm and I really appreciate it. From time to time I have been able to build small javascript projects with it, or work on front ends whose backend was python. It worked well so far.

Now, I am starting a full web3 projet and I am wondering if I should start using webstorm? what difference would this make since PyCharm seems already able to recon .sol .ts files? run teste, etc. ?


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WebStorm is just a subset of PyCharm, PyCharm Professional includes all WebStorm stuff for Javascript, CSS, HTML, etc., so all you can do in WebStorm you can do equally well in PyCharm. Some plugins may be missing by default, but can be easily installed from the repository (Preferences | Plugins, Marketplace). So you don't actually need purchasing WebStorm


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