Disable autocomplete of array & object notations in phpStorm

I can't get rid of these rather unexpected & unhelpful behaviours. 
Anyone has any idea how to disable these?  I've tried a lot of settings, but to no avail.

One is on arrays;  start by typing the following:


now try to add an element eg "1=>2", you'll see you end up with


since the program adds an extra '>'.  Since I can type at a reasonable speed, I'm already past the error point by the time I notice it on the screen.  It's just creating a mess that needs me to stop, go back & fix.


The other I may have asked about in the past, but anyhow, it's closely connected.  Start typing the following:


At this point you have


And yes, the program stops you from doing this if you don't have the quotes or have curly brackets around, so you are in fact typing something that will require fixing later anyway, probably, but this will still create a bigger mess out of it, thus it's detrimental.

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