Python expression evaluator.


Is there any way I can evaluate an expression like this?

size = 5
str = "a" * size

The str variable holds aaaaa. Is there any API that could give me the value str holds?

I saw the PyAnyExpressionEvaluator class. Tried using the evaluate method. But that doesn't seem to return the result I'm expecting.

Could this be done before runtime?


> But that doesn't seem to return the result I'm expecting.
Sorry, but it's impossible to help without seeing your code and understanding what your expectation is vs actual result.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

size = 5;
PyBinaryExpression expression = ("a" * size)-> holds the reference to this expreesion;
PyAnyExpressionEvaluator expressionEvaluator = new PyAnyExpressionEvaluator(true);
Object result = expressionEvaluator.evaluate(expression);

I'm excepting the result to hold aaaaa.


Hi Sanjay! 

Evaluating multiplying a string literal by a constant number could be supported in PyEvaluator, it's the right place for this logic, but as far as I see this case is indeed not yet covered. Most of the supported cases were added on-demand, though, so feel free to submit a PR implementing it to PyCharm Community. Alternatively, you can always replicate the necessary parts of PyEvaluator#evaluateBinary logic in your plugin. On the whole, I'm not aware of a place in our codebase where it's already done, we can only infer the return types of such expressions, not deduce string values themselves.


Thank you for your reply. I will try to replicate the logic myself then.


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