Recent Files shortcut behavior

I use the Recent Files shortcut quite often in my IDE to quickly nagivate to open files in my IDE, recently I have changed my workflow to use two window groups at any given time (usually one for the controllers and another for views).

The problem I have using two windows, if the active window group doesn't have file open (but the other group does), when I invoke Recent Files and open the file, it will open a new tab in the current window instead of simply navigating to the open tab in the other window group (which is what I want).

Is there a way I can edit this behavior?


Please try enabling the "Settings/Preferences | Advanced Settings > Editor tabs > When navigating to a file, prefer selecting existing tab in inactive split pane" option, that should do the trick.


Thanks for responding, Vasiliy Yur ., looking at my IDE I don't see that option there.


What IDE version do you have?


PhpStorm 2020.2.4
Build #PS-202.8194.11, built on November 25, 2020


Please try updating your IDE installation to the most recent version available (2021.2.3), the aforementioned option should be included there.


Thanks, I updated and the option is now available.


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