connect to database hosted in docker and vagrant


I would like to connect phpstorm to my database (mysql) in order to have the data source set for raw SQL inspections.

This database is a docker container located on a virtual machine managed by vagrant.


I have been able to properly configure vagrant and its ssh connection (connection is OK) but now I'm stuck. If I go to the DB connection setup in PHPStorm, I don't know what to do next:

- a "normal" configuration can't work, since the DB is not directly on my machine

- a connection through SSH/SSL will connect to my VM and seek for DB there, but not in docker


Is there a way to achieve such a thing?

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Do you have your Docker-based MySQL server ports exposed? Are you able to connect to the DB from within Vagrant VM? 

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Good idea! 


My ports were not exposed, but I did and since my VM runs on a static IP, I have been able to connect to my DB by using this IP and the newly exposed port.


Thank you!

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Cool, thank you for the update!


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