Good IDE for C language with code-simplification-suggestions?


I use IntelliJ Idea CE for Java and I like its features like it tells which of the declared parameters has never been used, simplification of code, auto-including libraries for methods selected from suggestions, etc.

Is there a free IDE for C language which can give me such kind of features. I need to mostly work with pointers. It will be good NJMCDirect if the IDE tells me things like the pointer is never freed, etc.

I currently use Visual Studio Code on Windows 10. It doesn't suggest me functions from the libraries I haven't included.

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Unfortunately, CLion is not free and there is no free version planned. However, there is a set of discounted or complimentary options you can find here: - maybe there is something that fits your case.

As for pointers, CLion can capture interesting cases like dangling pointers and variables escaping local scope. These typical pain points are usually not captured by the compilers and free static analyzers. So you might see some benefits in CLion from this perspective. More details in our webhelp:

In addition to a 30-day free trial, we are now running the Early Preview program which is free:

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