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Hi All:

Our team are developing a plugin that will support kind of Distributed Debugger(DD).

And the biggest different from the current debugger is the step into action. The step action in DD will not stop at the first line of the method called any more,  it will stop at the arbitrary method called by the distributed task dispatched by our system.

Let's say  we have 2 machines A and B, they run the same soucre code below:

public void method1{

public void method3{

that when we stop at method2(run on machine A) and do step into , it will step into method3(run on machine B) instead of method2 and stop at the first line of method3.

Our solution is to create a BreakpointRequest at the first line of method3 and extend the step into action that can stop at the position we want.  

So, is it possible to do that?



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Hi, XDebugger API is rather low level - it will show whatever place you ask it to show. If you want to reuse java debugger impl, that would be tricky as you'll have to extend step into action (which is possible but more complicated) 


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