Implement run configuration

Hey there!

I want to implement a specific run configuration for Minecraft Plugins. Repo

I need to add a run configuration and did that successfully, but I have problems to add the code that is supposed to run when the user runs it.
As I understand it, the class that overrides RunConfiguration must use getState() method to execute the code. However, I don't get how that is supposed to work. The example is not clear to me.

What I want to do in this run configuration is the following:
- If not existing, download BuildTools, and build the server jar
- Run Gradle or Maven build of the plugin and place it into the plugins folder
- Run the server (JVM-based, so preferable executing from code, otherwise the command would be java -jar server.jar [options])

Can you help me / Tell me what I have to do to get the steps mentioned above working? Thanks!

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