Create a complex export script with parameters



I need to export a complex object from a database including all its descendants (to have some test-data). Image the object like an "order" with "orderpositions" "products" "inventory" etc.

Now I can create one or multiple SQL-Statements that would export this table by table but that is a bit cumbersome. Also I need to import these records into my local test-db.

Is there a possibility with datagrip to create a script-like exporter that can be run with different params (e.g. just change the order-number and get all required data), and then import all the records into the different tables at once (multiple sql-insert-statements would be fine).

My only alternative actually would be to write a "real" small program to do this stuff.



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Please create feature request on our tracker  with detailed description of your usecase.

At the moment there is no such option.


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