Enable code highlights for editable installed package

Pycharm seems to show no code highlights on a locally editable installed package is there a way to turn it on? 

The best I've managed to do is to mark the package directory as source root and installing it (pip install -e) without updating the editor's list of installed packages but I do hope something better is available. 


Do you mean you don't have code completion for that package or just code highlighting is missing? Could you share a screenshot?


Sergey Karpov I have completions but not highlighting, errors/warning marks and such.
A simple example - 

This is how it looks when I have the package installed locally (-e) -

No wavy green underline of shadow naming.

Then when I uninstall it is as normal again - 

I guess generally Pycharm don't lint into library and perhaps doesn't have this exception 🤔


Yes I just noticed that little read mode button in the top, disabling reader mode for my package got it as I wanted.

Thanks Sergey Karpov!


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