Wrong syntax highlight for JavaScritp (TypeScript) Template Literals


I'm a new user to WebStorm 2021.2.3, and I'm currently working on a typescript project (.ts files).

For some reason, WebStorm is highlighting String Template Literals in my .ts files in a way I was not expecting and also not used too while using Visual Studio Code before trying out WebStorm.

For the following block of code, I am expecting the whole content of the text property in the statement object to be highlighted with the string color (the orangish).

BTW, I'm using the plugin Visual Studio Code Dark Plus as a theme, but the same issue happens with the default Dracula theme.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour?


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do you have SQL injections enabled in Settings | Editor | Language Injections?
Also, does the issue persist if you uninstall all custom theme plugins?

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Please try unchecking SQL in Settings | Editor | TextMate Bundles

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Elena Pogorelova, thank you so much! It is now working properly!


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