No suggestions


I created project from existed files (choose "Web server in on remote host, files are accessible via FTP/SFTP/FTPS")

Installed plugins:

  • Symfony support
  • Doctrine
  • PHP Annotation

After creation objects no suggestions about available methods:

Can tell any ideas for how to fix it? Will be glad.

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Just tried with `symfony/form` package, seems to be working fine:

Could you please share a `composer.json` from your project? Do you have anything configured in "Preferences/Settings| PHP > Include Path"?

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Thanks for sharing the composer.json.

Actually, I was not able to reproduce the issue with your configuration either. What happens when you Ctrl+Click on "FormBuilderInterface", does it navigate you to the interface definition?

Also, would it be possible to share the reproducible project?

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Thanks for sharing the project.

In fact, the issue is not reproducible for me with your project as well (of course, I have installed vendor packages from the composer).

It is a somewhat generic question but have you tried to invalidate caches already?

Just in case:

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Do you have a vendor directory locally in your project?

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Could you please share the ".idea" folder from your project copy?

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I would suggest submitting a support request via the "Help > Contact Support", it will be much easier to communicate and share files within the support ticket.

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No worries at all, thank you for sharing the file.

In fact, I was not able to reproduce the issue with your project settings too (just installed composer.json packages). Just to confirm, do you have an "Import class" fix available for `FormBuilderInterface`?

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Hi there.

No ideas yet, sorry. I think that we are missing something simple and obvious here.
I was wondering if you could share your project as-is with the "vendor" dir and the file from the sample above. Could you please submit a support ticket with the attached archive and share its number?

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Yes, ofcourse.

My `composer.json`:

"type": "project",
"license": "proprietary",
"minimum-stability": "dev",
"prefer-stable": true,
"require": {
"php": ">=7.4",
"ext-ctype": "*",
"ext-iconv": "*",
"api-platform/core": "^2.6",
"composer/package-versions-deprecated": "",
"doctrine/annotations": "^1.0",
"doctrine/doctrine-bundle": "^2.3",
"doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle": "^3.1",
"doctrine/orm": "^2.8",
"easycorp/easyadmin-bundle": "^3",
"nelmio/cors-bundle": "^2.1",
"php-webdriver/webdriver": "^1.12",
"phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock": "^5.2",
"sensio/framework-extra-bundle": "^6.1",
"symfony/apache-pack": "^1.0",
"symfony/asset": "5.3.*",
"symfony/console": "5.3.*",
"symfony/dotenv": "5.3.*",
"symfony/expression-language": "5.3.*",
"symfony/flex": "^1.3.1",
"symfony/form": "5.3.*",
"symfony/framework-bundle": "5.3.*",
"symfony/http-client": "5.3.*",
"symfony/intl": "5.3.*",
"symfony/mailer": "5.3.*",
"symfony/mime": "5.3.*",
"symfony/monolog-bundle": "^3.7",
"symfony/notifier": "5.3.*",
"symfony/process": "5.3.*",
"symfony/property-access": "5.3.*",
"symfony/property-info": "5.3.*",
"symfony/proxy-manager-bridge": "5.3.*",
"symfony/security-bundle": "5.3.*",
"symfony/security-core": "5.3.*",
"symfony/security-http": "5.3.*",
"symfony/serializer": "5.3.*",
"symfony/string": "5.3.*",
"symfony/translation": "5.3.*",
"symfony/twig-bundle": "^5.2",
"symfony/validator": "5.3.*",
"symfony/web-link": "5.3.*",
"symfony/yaml": "5.3.*",
"symfonycasts/verify-email-bundle": "^1.5",
"twig/extra-bundle": "^2.12|^3.0",
"twig/twig": "^2.12|^3.0"
"require-dev": {
"doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle": "^3.4",
"symfony/browser-kit": "^5.2",
"symfony/css-selector": "^5.2",
"symfony/debug-bundle": "^5.2",
"symfony/maker-bundle": "^1.0",
"symfony/phpunit-bridge": "^5.2",
"symfony/stopwatch": "^5.2",
"symfony/var-dumper": "^5.2",
"symfony/web-profiler-bundle": "^5.2"
"config": {
"optimize-autoloader": true,
"preferred-install": {
"*": "dist"
"sort-packages": true
"autoload": {
"psr-4": {
"App\\": "src/"
"autoload-dev": {
"psr-4": {
"App\\Tests\\": "tests/"
"replace": {
"symfony/polyfill-ctype": "*",
"symfony/polyfill-iconv": "*",
"symfony/polyfill-php72": "*"
"scripts": {
"auto-scripts": {
"cache:clear": "symfony-cmd",
"assets:install %PUBLIC_DIR%": "symfony-cmd"
"post-install-cmd": [
"post-update-cmd": [
"conflict": {
"symfony/symfony": "*"
"extra": {
"symfony": {
"allow-contrib": false,
"require": "5.3.*"

Do you have anything configured in "Preferences/Settings| PHP > Include Path"?

No. All settings on this tab are default.

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1. Not navigate. On hover I can see:

2. Yes, sure: 

I deleted some other files which was created by me (few not important Controllers and Entities) and /vendor folder.


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Thanks, Vasiliy, for the answer.

It's very interesting. I understand that problem is on my computer. 

Yes, I did recommendation at the link before wrote this post. Unfortunately, it didn't helped me.

I thinking I am missing something...


The code is located on my computer and FTP-server. PHP and Composer are installed on the server. Maybe some configs? From where take bundles...

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Yes, ofcourse. /vendor folder has 28Mb size and I didn't wonna upload to GitHub for save the time.

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Project created by next steps:




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Yes, not a problem. This folder has many confidential information. Could you please provide any security way for transfer? For example, email.

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Sorry for my delayed answer.

I'm uploaded to GitHub .idea folder as RAR-archive -

Pre-removed sensitivity data.

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That is all what I have in context menu:

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Hi @Vasiliy Yur,

Maybe you have yet ideas?

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I'm created request #3718486 with attachment.


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