How can I connect to an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse with a 3rd party IDE (DataGrip)?


I'm trying to connect to a Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse database with Jetbrains DataGrip. Oracle provides me with a wallet file (a zip), with contains tnsnames.ora, a keystore,, and some other files.

I'm having a lot of trouble using this information to connect to the database using DataGrip. I found a thread on the DataGrip support forums, but I'm not having any luck with that either.

Jetbrains support thread:
Relevant Oracle documentation:

What I did:
1. Created the 'TNS_ADMIN' environment variable and set it to:
C:\\Users\\xxx\\Documents\\[folder with wallet files]
2. Added the Oracle JDBC driver files (ojdbc8.jar, osdt_cert.jar, oraclepki.jar, osdt_core.jar) to the standard Oracle driver in DataGrip
3. edited the 'sqlnet.ora' file to include the path to the wallet files
4. Added the following to the Data Source VM Options:\\Users\\xxx\\Documents\\[folder with wallet files][password][password]
  1. Set connection type to URL only
  2. Tried different connection strings in the URL field:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@//\\Users\\xxx\\Documents\\[folder with wallet files]\\Users\\xxx\\Documents\\[folder with wallet files]



Connection to ADW1 failed.  
[08006][17002] IO Error: Got minus one from a read call, connect lapse 32 ms.,  
Authentication lapse 0 ms.  

I have also tried using the 'Service name' and 'TNS' connection types and filled in the info from tnsnames.ora. No dice, same error.

Also tried explicitely setting the 'tcp.validnode_checking' parameter to null Toys r us credit card

(The connection works fine with sqldeveloper)

What's the proper way to do this?

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