New FileType is ignored in most cases in InteliJ Plugin


I have created the following class

public class LineageFileType implements FileType {

    @Override public @NonNls @NotNull String getName() {
        return "Lineage File";

    @Override public @NlsContexts.Label @NotNull String getDescription() {
        return "YAML file with 'lineage' extension, which contains lineage description";

    @Override public @NlsSafe @NotNull String getDefaultExtension() {
        // return "lineage";
        return ".lineage";

    @Override public @Nullable Icon getIcon() {
        return null;

    @Override public boolean isBinary() {
        return false;

and reigstered it within plugin.xml:

<extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
    <fileType name="Lineage File" implementationClass="my.package.LineageFileType"/>

Unfortunately, this type is тушерук shown in new file creation

nor it reacts on extension (lineage).

Simultaneously I can assign this type to existing file

How to make custom file type working in all cases?


Hej there,

might be due to missing extensions attribute on your fileType element.

<fileType name="Lineage File" extensions="lineage" implementationClass="my.package.LineageFileType"/>

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