some jar in idea plugin sdk is low,how to replace?


hello, i am developing a plugin ,i use lucene-core 8.0.0 ,but  intellij sdk plugins\maven\lib\lucene-core-2.4.1.

though,i append ucene-core 8.0.0  in dependency ,plugin classloader can not load ,throw classnot found exception  how to resolve this problem? 


when i install my plugin ,i find the proble above .when i am in  debug model ,i only import lucene8.00 and delete 2.4 in idea sdk .


Heu Majing The workaround from the other thread should help. Note that bundled Lucene version in 2021.3 has been upgraded to 8.9.0


Yann Cebron

1、how to unstand this "The workaround from the other thread should help", can you explain ? i guess i will meet samp problem ,eg: intellij sdk has a same name jar ,but i need other version.

2、i use 2020.3 ,lucene version is 2.4.1.

3、i found that the lucene in path: plugins\maven\lib\lucene-core-2.4.1.  but myplugin does not dependency maven ,why it will load the jar in plugins\maven\lib\lucene-core-2.4.1  ,not build.gradle file dependency part?

wish your explain!


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