Slow indexing while start up with monorepo project (webstorm)


I just upgraded to the latest webstorm 2021.3, So i was quite happy while reading the release notes as it states this version improved the indexing speed for javascript project and monorepo project support. But after installing, i can feel the project start up time was improved, but not that much, probably just within 4 or 5s. 

My laptop, 2019 macbook, 16 gb, 512 ram, with intel chip.

I have increased the webstorm jvm size as well.


Here is my start up indexing results. (read from bottom to top). 

1 First time load the monorepo project(cleared all the cached index), so the overall time is 33s +31s = 64s

2 Second time, 29 s

3 Third time around 19s.

then i restarted it couple times, it roughly around 17~23s.(in previous webstorm version 2021.2.3, it was round 20~ 25s),  Which is still bit slow to me when compare to vscode, vscode load the project almost within 1 or 2s (probably wont notices the difference), i can start working on the project instantly). Although i agree webstorm provide better code navigation due to the indexing, but can you guys do partial indexing like only indexing the main project not node_module or other approach ?

Project startup time over 15s just a bit overkill for me. Is this normal for your guys as well when you doing testing for monorepo project ?


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I am facing a lot of issue as well.

Auto imports does not always work. No info when ctrl+hover/click functions/objects. 

And things are just slow.

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Zhewu1228, could you please share a project when the issue is reproduced? An open source project will work too.

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hi Sergey Simonchik

Hard to find a large monorepo in the github, dont you guys have some sort of testing monorepo ?

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HI @Sergey Simonchik do you have any updates on this ?


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