My entire project is showing up as 'not part of the project'

Every file, including the directory that I have open, is highlighted yellow i.e 'not part of this project':

This makes it more difficult to use, keeps giving me popups and doesn't recognize dependencies. I have tried:

-Closing and re-opening the project

-Removing the .idea folder

-Closing the project, completely removing it from my machine, uninstalling and re-installing webstorm and re-cloning the project


Most probably your .idea files are broken, the .iml file and/or modules.xml are either missing or corrupted, so all the project files are treated as non-project. Deleting and re-creating .idea folder should help:

  • close the project
  • remove it from Recent projects list
  • shut down the IDE
  • delete the .idea folder
  • restart, open the project root folder with File > Open

That does work, thank you. The issue is often when I open my project again, I get this problem again. Following your steps does fix it, but having to do this often can be tedious. Is it possible that some setting I have is messed up?


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