Can I develop IDEA plugin unable to access to


I have do develop it in laptop provided by my company and I cannot access to in it.


I create a IntelliJ Platform Plugin project and SDK is IDEA Community Edition.

After writing a very simple action, which will "Hello World".sout, I try to run the project but there are many ERROR level logs.


And sorry for that I cannot copy the content from it(laptop provided by my company) here(this is my own computer).


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I learned and try "Prepare Plugin Module ... For Deployment", and install the jar into my IDEA, it works.

So, I guess I should correct the problem to "Can I debug easily when unable to access". After all, it's really troublesome to manually compile, install and restart idea.



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Not sure I understand your problem, but you can run your plugin in sandbox Please note that building plugins using Devkit approach is not recommended, but Gradle setup should be used


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