No more Favorites / Can't use Navigable Folders in Bookmarks

Before this recent update, I added folders to favorites lists, which allowed me to expand and navigate directly from the Favorites view.

Now I can only store individual files or folders in the bookmarks view with no ability to navigate through my folders.

Is there any way to replicate the old behavior or should I go and add a feature request?  This is a killer for me...


Please could you elaborate on your issue? Please check - does it look similar?

I can still add bookmarks for folders and jump to them from the Bookmarks view:


@Elena Pogorelova

As I understand author wants to be able to expand the favourite folder and see its content right there:

Right now it works just as a bookmark: a link to the folder in the Project View panel; you cannot expand it in the new Bookmarks toolwindow.


Same here. Up until the last update I used to bookmark all my frequently used folders so I could have a more organized view.

NOW, it lost all its purpose and every bookmark of a folder simply sends me back to the cluttered project window.

Please consider reverting this change, it's very disrupting.



...simply sends me back to the cluttered project window.

Have you tried custom Scopes (to see a less cluttered Project View panel (only show the desired items))?

P.S. Scope Manager plugin can help with the above (easier to create/add/remove folders right from the Project View).


Thanks Andriy Bazanov ! You solved my problem!


Elena Pogorelova,

Yes, Andriy Bazanov is correct.  I used to throw folders into my favorites and navigate from there.

I'll try out scopes and the scopes manager plugin to see if it solves my needs, but the old Favorites behavior was really exactly what I'm looking for.


BTW --

It's fixed, so check the behaviour in the next 2021.3.1 minor build (or whatever version that will be).


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