Again - problem with "this file does not belong to any project target"

I read some topics about this problem, but after all adviсes are done the problem is still here. I had a project without errors, but one day after another "git pull" action i noticed this problem. This banner is not only in header files but in cpp too. And i think it may be important that i have a project with a lot of submodules and in some submodules folders with Makefile there is no problem. 

Actions i did:

1) Invalidate cache and restart ide

2) remove idea folder on host side

3) remove project folder on host and remote side and git clone and sync again

Problem is still here. Could you help? version i use - 2021.2.3

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Sorry for the delay. Does Tools | Makefile | Clean and Reload Makefile Project help? Do you get any errors in the Build tool window after this action?


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