New Python project from CLion


Hi all,

I used PyCharm Pro for many years and I use CLion now.

In CLion, I don't know how to create an empty Python project from the IDE. The Python plugin is enabled. A Python interpreter is set up in settings.

Do you have any advice ?
Thank you in advance.



Sorry for the delay. 

Indeed, you can't create Python project from the New Project wizard. CLion is a C/C++ IDE mostly. It has Python support, which is intended for those C/C++ projects that also have some Python code.

However, while New Project wizard is missing the Python project template, you still can create a CMake project on your own (or modify a C/C++ one created by the wizard) and add your Python files in there. CMake is a project model supported in CLion, and it can work with Python.


Thank you for your response. I'll try like you said.

And, if you have time, it would be great if you implemented this functionality in a future release of CLion.


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