Code/split/preview view for Notebook gone?

Hello all,

I feel real silly for asking this, but since last week the button to switch between code, split of preview viewing when using Jupyter notebooks in PyCharm is gone and I cant find it anywhere. I may have accidentally pressed a combination of keys to make a toolbar disappear, but I doubt it. I cant find the button/option anywhere in the settings either.

I also switched from trial license to a paid license last week, did that change anything?


Hi, which PyCharm version are you using? Please note that in 2021.3 the Jupyter view was changed, there's no more split view by default. But, you can switch it back by toggling `` registry option.

To access the registry, go to **Help | Find Action...** and search for "Registry..." 


Yes, that solved it, thank you. The update must have happened when I wasn't paying attention (or too focused) and so the connection between update and behavior change went by unnoticed.

I need the side-by-side view, because I have a tendency to ram in prints everywhere when working, so sometimes the cell output becomes tediously long, making scrolling down uncomfortable.


Hi, I tried it. But in my registry, I can find anything about


It was there, but with the 2022/1 update the registry entry is gone. I could not find a way to get the split view back, which is actually a shame, I definitely prefer that a lot more compared to the classic view. I don't really see the sense in removing the option to switch back to the split view, and if it could be replaced I would definitely be very grateful.


Likewise! IMHO split preview works much better for vim people (ideavim + notebook experience has improved but is still buggy), plus those who usually prefer the scientific mode but sometimes need to switch to a notebook.

Can you bring it back? =)


Please return split view or at east let users choose. 




I second this. It is much more efficient to work with split notebooks, especially with IdeaVim.


Please bring it back.

I am stuck with PyCharm 2021.2.3 as it is the last version with editor/preview screen side by side with independent scroll.

EDIT: for those who want to make it work, you need jupyter_client==7.4.9, jupyter_console==6.4.4 and jupyter_server==2.2.1.


Yes split view was so much better :( can you please bring it back??


Fully agree, any plan of bringing it back or leaving the option for the user to choose (saw in some comments that many users like the cell view better, but it's definitily not a general view as we can see in this chat). Would be very grateful if you could bring it back!

many thanks


Has split screen for jupyter notebooks been returned in PyCharm?


No, unfortunately, split screen wasn't re-implemented yet.


Hope to bring it back ASAP!!!  Please!!!  It's really convenient helpful and useful.


I am on 2024.1.1, and did not find the split view. Do we have any ETA to bring it back (or make it optional)?


I still cannot part with 2021.03 … I would be really happy if you could re-implement it.


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